Americans happy to deal with credit card debt

Americans happy to deal with credit card debt When it comes to dealing with the companies that control their credit card debt, most Americans are pretty happy with their experiences.

About two-thirds of all consumers who posted comments about their dealings with credit card lenders online said they were left satisfied with their experiences, according to new data culled by the social networking data firm DigitalMR. The other one-third were unhappy with their experiences.

Of all the nation's nine largest credit card lenders, American Express engendered the most positive experiences, the report said. It not only had the highest net sentiment score at 63 percent, but also had 35 percent of all positive comments in the entire industry. However, U.S. Bank wasn't far behind in terms of customer service with a rating of 61 percent.

Having good customer service experiences might be helpful to consumers who are working hard to find some amount of debt relief from their lenders. For instance, it might allow them to work out a reasonable repayment plan if they can't afford their monthly bills, or negotiate a lower interest rate.