As offers increase, terms improving for better borrowers

As offers increase, terms improving for better borrowers While consumers' attitudes toward borrowing changed drastically during the recession, many have begun to feel more comfortable with credit card debt as economic conditions improve nationwide.

As a consequence of those two factors, lenders are now extending more lines of credit to borrowers, but are reserving their best offers to those whose credit scores are around 740 or higher, according to a report from Jacksonville, Florida, television station WJXT. In many cases these days, borrowers with top-notch scores may be able to receive credit cards with interest rates in the single digits, more generous balance transfer offers, or more beneficial rewards programs.

"Credit card issuers have come out of their shell," Greg McBride of Bankrate told the news station. "They're now back on offense, they are trying to grow their businesses but they're trying to do so primarily through top credit quality consumers."

But at the same time, because competition for top borrowers is so fierce, some lenders are also extending more offers to borrowers with rockier histories as well, the report said.

Lower interest rates can help consumers to more quickly reduce debt and have a little more certainty with their finances going forward.