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Larger amount of senior citizens have sizable debts

These days, millions of senior citizens are struggling with credit card debt and other sizable balances that can make their lives more difficult in retirement. A number of reports have come out in recent months detailing the struggles seniors and Baby Boomers have faced in the last several years when it comes to dealing with […]

Are retailers now pushing rewards credit cards?

Now that the economy has made significant strides over the last year and a half and millions of consumers are once again feeling good about their personal finances, many might feel they are in a position to begin dealing with credit carddebt once again. As a result of this new trend, many major national retailers […]

Do consumers now prefer travel rewards?

These days, millions of Americans are seeking new types of accounts that will reward them more handsomely for taking on credit card debt, and some of the most popular cards now have increased rewards for airline miles and other travelarrangements. The airline and hotel industries alone now issue more than $50 billion worth of credit […]

Consumers still relying heavily on rewards credit cards

Since the end of the recession, many Americans have been shy about taking on credit card debt, but in many cases, those who do are now doing so through the use of rewards accounts. Though attitudes toward credit card borrowing have changed considerably in the last few years, rewards accounts remain extremely popular with both […]