May saw fewer delinquencies and defaults

May saw fewer delinquencies and defaults Consumers continued to make on-time payments into their outstanding credit card debt in May, despite experts' predictions that late accounts might increase.

Economic indicators such as a disappointing jobs report ledsome experts to speculate that instances of both delinquency and default would increase for the nation's top six credit card lenders in May, but that didn't happen, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. In fact, only Discover Financial Services saw any increase at all, and that was a small one in its charge off rate. In fact, that increase was so incremental – to 2.65 percent of all balances from 2.6 percent in April – that it was below typical seasonal fluctuations.

Further, lenders are reining in their attempts to market new accounts to consumers as a result of these economic factors, the report said. Some believe this may further delay increases in delinquency and default in the near future.

Falling behind on credit card payments can be a troubling behavior for consumers, and those who do so may want to seek some form of debt relief as a result.