California tops list of states with the most debt

California tops list of states with the most debt Many consumers across the country are dealing with high credit card debt as a result of money problems experienced during the recent national recession, but some states have been more affected than others.

New data from Credit Karma shows that California is the most indebted state in the nation, with consumers there carrying balances of $336,169, according to a report from Yahoo Personal Finance. That total includes all types of credit – mortgages, auto loans, credit card debt and so forth – excluding student loans. However, that high total is also 4 percent less than the amount last year as consumers worked to reduce debt.

Hawaii came next, checking in with an average debt of $321,258, a decline of 7 percent, the report said. Maryland rounded out the top three with an average indebtedness of $263,524, which changed less than 1 percent.

Other states in the top 10 included New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Virginia, Connecticut, Colorado and Nevada, the report said. However, none of those states saw their average citizen's debt increase in the last year.

Many consumers are still struggling with credit card debt, however, as a result of higher prices for basic necessities like food and gasoline.