Consumers less focused on reducing credit card debt

Consumers less focused on reducing credit card debt Just 51 percent of consumers now say that paying off all of their credit card debt is a priority, according to the latest biannual BAI and Finacle Index of Bank Sentiment. That's down from the 53 percent who responded similarly in the same poll last year, but up from the August 2009 low of just 48 percent.

Overall, 55 percent of consumers said they wanted to reduce at least some of their credit card debt, the survey found. Meanwhile, just 45 percent said they were able to put money into savings every month, down 6 percent from last year.

"These shifts may be due to the fact consumers have less confidence in their personal financial situation, causing them to focus on meeting current financial demands rather than planning and saving for the future," said Ajay Nagarkatte, managing director of BAI Research.

Consumers have already made a strong effort to reduce their existing credit card debt, and were facing fewer charge offs in the latter half of the year as a result.