Lenders continue adding rewards offerings

Lenders continue adding rewards offerings Major U.S. lenders such as American Express and Citi have recently added significantly to their existing rewards offerings, according to a report from USA Today. Consumers who qualify – those with credit scores high enough that they're more likely to pay their credit card debt each month – will likely see not only more points returned to them for each dollar they spend, but other perks as well.

For example, Citi recently tacked on a free airline ticket to its ThankYou Premier and Prestige Card accounts, as well as more perks including deeper discounts on flights, the report said. Similarly, the American Express Platinum card will now grant carriers entrance to more VIP airport lounges, up to 600 at 300 airports around the globe.

Consumers who travel often may benefit from these new offerings, but these accounts typically also carry significant interest rates and annual fees.