Target going for ‘bulk’ in new promotion

Target will offer some of its products in bulk through February Looking to help out those who are still battered by the recession and looking to cut costs as they consolidate debt, a new promotion from Target will transform the retailer into something of a bulk seller to kick off 2010.

"The Great Save," a new seven-week program that began in some locations this weekend, will offer warehouse-club-sized versions of many of their items, in addition to temporarily shelving a number of "limited time" products at discounted prices as some of their retail locations as well.

Among the limited time items offered at some stores will be shirts from Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren and handbags from Ed Hardy. Paper towels, toothpaste, and other household items will be among the items that are offered in bulk as part of the promotion.

"The idea is to create the fun, convenience and treasure-hunt feeling of a warehouse environment within your local Target store – without the membership fees," spokesman Joshua Thomas told the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.

While the retailer will only run the warehouse-style promotion until mid-February, some experts are wondering whether or not Target will be able to attract cash strapped customers away from more established bulk retailers such as Walmart and Costco that have sold products that way for years.