Americans more likely to consider leaving country because of economy

More Americans are considering leaving the U.S. because of the economy A recently conducted survey by International Living magazine has found that, due to ecomonic restraints and the debt consolidation needs required by many across the country, Americans are more likely to expatriate than ever.

According to the survey, an overwhelming 95 percent of the 500,000readers of the magazine responded they were more likely to move out of the U.S. currently than they were one year earlier.

Jackie Flynn, the publisher for, said that an increased sentiment to leave the country had been suspected by many at the magazine after a high turnout at their recent U.S.-based conferences

"The economy is faltering," said Flynn, "unemployment is at record levels, the health care debate nearly caused a civil war, and there are real wars being fought on two fronts in the Middle East. The cost of living is going up so fast that people are being priced out of their retirements. It’s no wonder our readers are getting serious about moving abroad."

Elaine Finnegan, the website’s events director, added that many of the magazine’s conferences had sold out, forcing them to put a registration limit on them because the demand to learn about living outside the U.S. had grown so much in the last year.