Customers can save money by going green this holiday season

Retail stores are beginning to offer programs that offer savings for customers who bring their own bags For those in consumer credit counseling, every cent counts. Because of that, new savings plans rolled out by CVS and Target that rewards customers for "going green" at their retail locations this holiday season.

CVS was the first retailer to announce their plan last week, which will give their ExtraCare members $1 in savings for every four times they bring their own bags instead of requesting plastic bags.
Reward program members will be able to participate in the program by purchasing a 99-cent tag to place on their bags that are scanned after every purchase.

The program will be implemented at 7,000 of the stores nationwide initially, with the money from the tags being donated to an ecological cause, according to the Providence Journal.

Target, which is the nation’s fifth-largest retailer and sees more than 1.5 billion transactions every year, announced their own green savings plan on Monday that will go into effect at 1,700 of their stores on November 1. According to USA Today, customers who use their own bags to carry their purchases will receive a 5 cent discount for every reusable bag they utilize.

"We reward customers for doing good things," Melissa Studzinski, Target’s director of relationship marketing, told USA Today.