Save cash, make your holiday plans ASAP

Makes holiday plans now to keep your costs low Even those struggling through their finances in some way, such as consumer credit counseling, need to find a way home for the holidays. Because of that, experts are urging travelers to lock their plans in now in order to avoidpaying top dollar in what looks to be a very hit-or-miss season when it comes to travel prices.

Unlike the holiday season last year, air travel for the 2009 season stands to see price hikes as the holidays approach due to 3.4 percent fewer flights taking off this season, according to Arlington, Virginia television affiliate Newchannel 8 recently reported.

According to CEO Rick Seaney, the decrease in availability means that prices will not drop at the last minute like they did in 2008 and travelers should be proactive in making their travel plans as soon as possible.
"Bottom line is that holiday-travel procrastinators do so at their own peril this year, and practical travelers should be shopping now and buying before the end of October," he said, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

While a forecast for the upcoming season on Microsoft’s Bing Travel also urged consumers to plan ahead as well – saying that "the likelihood of fares continuing to increase as we near the holiday season far outweighs the likelihood of fares dropping significantly."

However, it added that there were deals to be had by consumers that outweighed those seen in 2008, noting that ticket prices for a traditional Thanksgiving holiday itinerary currently averaged $375, down $122 from last year.