Debtmerica is Honored Speaker at WFG’s Convention of Champions

Debtmerica, LLC Informs WFG Associates about Debt Relief Options and Highlights its Debt Reduction Program

LOS ANGELES/April 7/PRNewswire/-In early March, Debtmerica, LLC participated at the World Financial Group (WFG) Convention of Champions that was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The annual Convention brings thousands of WFG agents together to hear from industry leaders and interact with various financial product providers.

Debtmerica’s team gave a presentation to hundreds of WFG Associates, introducing the debt reduction program and detailing how it helps clients become debt free. Debtmerica staff also had the opportunity to meet with WFG Associates at a Company booth in the Exhibition Hall, providing marketing and training materials at the booth. Debtmerica’s staff gathered valuable input from WFG agents that have been utilizing the debt relief program for clients in need of debt help.

“The feedback that was provided by many WFG Associates at the convention was overwhelmingly positive. World Financial Group is a wonderful partner and its unique ability to reach out and assist clients nationwide is making a big impact. Our industry knowledge and expertise is only as good as the customer service that we provide, and we are happy that Associates are giving us high marks,” says Harry Langenberg, co-founder and managing partner of Debtmerica, LLC.

This is the second annual convention that Debtmerica, LLC has participated in and the success of the partnership is evident in the increasing number of clients that WFG agents have referred into the Debtmerica program. Since launching the debt reduction program in January of 2008, WFG and Debtmerica have increased monthly client enrollments in 14 of their last 15 months working together.

Debtmerica has a training team that reaches out to WFG offices across the nation, educating Associates about debt reduction strategies. The training sessions provide an overview of the debt settlement industry and compare the debt reduction program to other debt management alternatives. Debtmerica’s goal is to make the enrollment process as easy as possible for WFG Associates.

According to WFG Field Leader Patrick Bet-David, “We now have a source to refer our clients to when they need help with their debt,” he says. “Clients love the program. Everyone I’ve talked to who has worked with Debtmerica says that its representatives are sincere, patient and kind on the phone. That is an experience they are not accustomed to when they are struggling with debt.”
Since the establishment of their partnership, WFG and Debtmerica have enrolled over 2,500 clients into the debt reduction program, representing a total of $80 million in consumer debt. Debtmerica plans on continuing to build relationships with WFG Associates across the nation, offering clients a stepping stone towards a debt free life.

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Debtmerica Relief, headquartered in Orange County, CA, provides assistance to families who are experiencing financial difficulties and hardship.  Its focus on negotiated debt settlement provides a very powerful solution with the ultimate goal of helping its clients get debt free and remain so.  By actually reducing debt balances over the course of the program and providing an affordable monthly payment, consumers can experience lasting benefit to their financial well-being.


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