Debtmerica Relief sets Benchmark of Enrolling $40 million Dollars in Debt

LOS ANGELES/February 24 – Debtmerica Relief, a debt settlement company, has provided consumers a solution to their debt problems for over 2 years.  With the economy in such a grim state, they have found that the demand for their services has continued to increase dramatically.  In the month of January, Debtmerica set a benchmark of enrolling over $40 million in debt, totaling an amount of 1138 clients joining their debt reduction program.  One of the main reasons for their success is their great team of debt consultants. 

There are currently over 55 debt consultants at Debtmerica, and the company takes its time to hire the right people for the position.  “Not everyone that walks through our doors gets hired.  We understand the importance of a friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff.  And we do everything we can to find the right people for the job”, says Jesse Torres, co-founder of Debtmerica Relief.

All debt consultants that are hired at Debtmerica are required to go through onsite and hands on training.  After three months of employment the consultants are required to become IAPDA Certified Debt Specialists.  IAPDA, also known as the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, provides training and certification for the debt settlement industry.  In order for debt consultants to become certified, they must pass an exam that tests their knowledge of credit, debt settlement, and debtor client counseling. 

“Dealing with consumer’s finances is a sensitive topic and education is vital.  As the number of enrolled clients increase each month, we will continue to build a solid, knowledgeable team to support the demand for our services”, says Harry Langenberg, co-founder of Debtmerica Relief.

About Debtmerica Relief
Debtmerica Relief, headquartered in Orange County, CA, provides assistance to families who are experiencing financial difficulties and hardship. Its focus on negotiated debt settlement provides a very powerful solution with the ultimate goal of helping its clients get debt free and remain so. By actually reducing debt balances over the course of the program and providing an affordable monthly payment, consumers can experience lasting benefit to their financial well-being.

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