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Debtmerica Recognized as an Accredited Organization in Compliance with TASC

LOS ANGELES/April 28/PRNewswire/ Debtmerica, LLC, a nationwide debt settlement firm, received the “TASC Best Practice Standards” award from The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC). The award was presented to Debtmerica at the annual TASC conference which was held the first weekend of April in Las Vegas, NV. To be recognized by TASC as Accredited in […]

Debtmerica is Honored Speaker at WFG’s Convention of Champions

Debtmerica, LLC Informs WFG Associates about Debt Relief Options and Highlights its Debt Reduction Program LOS ANGELES/April 7/PRNewswire/-In early March, Debtmerica, LLC participated at the World Financial Group (WFG) Convention of Champions that was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The annual Convention brings thousands of WFG agents together to hear from industry leaders […]

Debtmerica Relief Sets Benchmark by Assisting Over 1,000 Consumers in December

Fed steps in to regulate unreasonable credit card rules, while Debtmerica, LLC continues to provide an alternative solution to financial freedom and enrolls a record level of over 1,000 consumers into their program in December. LOS ANGELES/January 15/PRNewswire/ – Millions of Americans fall victim to unfair credit card rules that cause them to fall deeper […]

Debtmerica Relief Volunteers to Help Those in Need for the Holidays

Nationwide debt settlement firm specializes in helping consumers get out of debt LOS ANGELES, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ — For many Americans it has been difficult to escape the unfortunate impact of economic recession this holiday season.  Morning television programs, internet news articles, and radio commentators continue to comment on the doom and gloom all around […]

Financial Resolutions for 2009

“Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age.  Homes have been lost; jobs shed; businesses shuttered.”  Those words echoed across the nation, as President Obama delivered his inaugural speech on […]

Credit Card Debt Settlement Program

There are thousands of people across the United States who are drowning in debt. From credit card debt settlement options to filing bankruptcy, they are looking for ways to successfully get out of debt quickly. At Debtmerica Relief, we proudly offer consumers an opportunity to pay the money they owe through our programs. Besides enrolling […]

Best Debt Consolidation Loans

Get out of debt and stay out. At Debtmerica Relief, our goal is to help you be free from debt. We offer more than what a debt consolidation loan can for bad credit, but instead, we offer consumers an opportunity to reduce the money they owe drastically, which will help them pay debts off more […]

Debt Prevention and Management Advice

With a mission to eliminate our clients’ financial strain, we work diligently to help them get back on track to financial freedom. Debtmerica Relief offers more than just a reduction plan, but instead we provide our clients with debt prevention and management tips and advice. By having debt management consultations with our clients, we can […]

Terms of Site

OUR TERMS OF SITE CHANGE FROM TIME TO TIME. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES Debtmerica, LLC (“Debtmerica”) provides “The User” with access to its content, resources, tools for communication, public forums, commerce platforms, and other services through its network of websites, “The Service”. Debtmerica provides its service to the user, subject to the following Terms […]