Uncertainty leading fewer to use credit card rewards

Uncertainty leading fewer to use credit card rewards For those who earn rewards such as cash back or points for every dollar of credit card debt they take on, it may often be difficult to determine exactly how they're earning those benefits.

Experts say that a lack of disclosure from the nation's top credit card lenders might lead consumers to not earn as many points as they might otherwise was be able to, according to a report from Smart Money. In most cases, lenders send statements that only outline the total number of points earned in a given month, rather than an itemized list. In the best cases, consumers may receive a breakdown of points earned by spending category.

And while advocates say greater disclosure would be a boon to borrowers, lenders believe that adding any more information to a statement would make the document too cluttered and difficult to understand for consumers, the report said.

Consumers who want to better understand the way they earn rewards on their credit card accounts may want to consider closely reviewing their lending agreement to find ways they can maximize their benefits.